Fixed Fee Pricing

You’ve envisioned your dream home and can imagine every detail – from the counter-tops and hardwood flooring to the accents scattered across your mantel. It is a place that brings you comfort and speaks to who you are. You want to build in the inner city, where Calgary’s vibrancy is just outside your front door, where the art and culture of the community you love is immediately accessible.

With over 30 homes built in inner city Calgary, and over 35 years of collective experience Blue Door Developments can offer you your dream home . . . at a price you control.

Fixed Fee Pricing on inner city Calgary homes.

Fixed Fee Project Management

Blue Door Developments has a unique building process where there are no hidden fees and all the costs are transparent.

We offer a cost guideline that provides you with an itemized list and breaks down the entirety of the building process, equipping you with all the necessary information to make the best decisions regarding your home. Our fixed fee process charges a single unchanging fee for our project management services, so whether you choose to customize or upgrade, the project management fee remains the same. Our cost guideline, along with many other tools, helps you with decisions from start to finish.

Cost Guideline

Be in control of costs for your home. Prior to the start of your project, you will receive a detailed cost guideline that describes each item necessary for your homes’ construction. At any point you may wish to spend more or less, depending on your individual needs for each item. Customize your home to your needs, knowing that you will pay exactly what your builder would to make that change happen.

Full Invoicing Transparency

Our trades and supplier invoices are provided for you to review through our invoicing process with no mark-up applied.

Enjoy Wholesale Discounts

Blue Door Developments has established relationships with wholesale suppliers, offering us great prices on everything you’ll need for your new home. Take advantage of our volume discounts on everything from exterior stone and roofing shingles, to plumbing fixtures and cabinetry.

Optional Floor Plans

We have built many inner city homes in Calgary and understand the challenges associated with building on lots of various sizes and locations. We offer a database of plans that are available to you and for your personal customization. We can also provide full architecture services to help design a completely unique home for you and your family.

Home Warranty

Rest assured knowing that your home is protected under the National Home Warranty program for up to 10 years on structural defects.